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Erectile dysfunction is a violation in the sexual sphere in men, which is characterized by a decrease in volume and density of the penis, making it impossible to conduct a full sexual intercourse. Talking about the existence of serious problems should only if erectile dysfunction is observed in more than 25 % of sexual acts. As a rule, erectile dysfunction indicates a decline in overall health, but does not affect the inability to ejaculate or the inability to conceive a child. Accordingly, more than 90% of the cases this problem can be eliminated if the time to see a doctor and start treatment.

Why is there erectile dysfunction?

Until recently it was believed that erectile dysfunction is a problem that appears in men with age, and she can't go anywhere. However, this view is to date not received any scientific justification. The relationship between age and erectile dysfunction is due only to the fact that with age the risk of development of somatic diseases in men increases. Accordingly, they to a greater extent and affect the reduced potency. It is normal if when maintaining a healthy lifestyle and support their health sexual activity in men persists in 50, and even 70 years.

The key factors causing erectile dysfunction, can be divided into several groups:

  • Endocrine: associated with disruption of the endocrine glands, providing education testosterone. This may be the result of genetic diseases, tumors or trauma. In this case, erectile dysfunction can be treated successfully.
  • Medical: arise because of taking certain drugs that block the production of sex hormones. Among such medicines it is possible to allocate drugs and means aimed at reducing the functions of the cerebral cortex.
  • Neurological: related to a large group of diseases of peripheral nerves, brain or spinal cord. They also include injuries of the perineum and pelvis.
  • Psychological: in this case erectile dysfunction occurs due to stress, depression, neurosis, fatigue or fear to experience failure in bed. Problems in relationships with partner and frequent change of sexual partners can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Among the most common causes of erectile dysfunction should be noted problems with the blood vessels. Due to the blood flow to the penis erection occurs very slowly or rapidly waning, not allowing the man to finish sexual intercourse. This problem is particularly acute for smokers because disrupts the inner lining of blood vessels responsible for the "stimulator" potency — nitric oxide.

Types of erectile dysfunction

Depending on the factors behind the development of this problem, erectile dysfunction can carry psychogenic or functional in nature. Each of these types has its own specific features.

For example, erectile dysfunction because of the influence of psychological factors usually begins suddenly. The cause of the problem may lie with stress, nervous exhaustion or emotional discrepancy partners. And in this case, morning erections and the ability of the penis to change sizes as a result of sexual stimulation during intercourse are lost.

Erectile dysfunction caused by functional disorders in the body manifests itself gradually (with each act of intercourse man becomes more difficult to maintain an erection). This shows the presence of background diseases requiring treatment. Besides, organic problems can be triggered by taking certain medicines reduces the potency. The result of erectile dysfunction this kind of libido men and the ability to ejaculation are saved, but nocturnal erections disappear and become unstable during sexual intercourse.

If signs of impotence most men trying to write sexual impotence at different external causes. Such actions are very harmful to health, since difficulties in maintaining sexual activity not to do the norm. To identify the cause of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido requires a professional approach. Only after consulting the physician has the ability to set the source of the problem and to prescribe effective means to increase potency.

How to identify erectile dysfunction

Since erectile dysfunction is characterized by certain changes in the genital area in men, it is the "traditional" symptoms are:

  • Reduction of sexual drive (male libido).
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • The instability of ejaculation (premature or delayed ejaculation).
  • Lack of orgasm (anorgasmia).

The most common symptom of erectile dysfunction is decreased libido. Typically, sexual desire disappears because of stress, fatigue or lack of mood. The reluctance of physical intimacy can be triggered by behavior of the partner and the disorder of relations and the reduction of hormonal activity (decrease the level of testosterone in the blood).

In turn, erectile dysfunction, manifested through sexual intercourse lethargy and inadequacy of erection, often indicates the presence of background disease, usually cardiovascular.

Less all erectile dysfunction manifested anorgasmia, when orgasm lasts for a short time or does not occur.

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